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Custom Eyeglasses

Eye wear as diverse and unique as the creative community of Savannah.


Working with independent vendors known for their handcrafted products, we are able to offer eye wear that caters to YOU. Some of our collections are fashion forward, fun, & eclectic while others are classic & timeless. All of our brands are independent, just like us; therefore they will not be found in retail chains. Once you discover the quality of an independent handcrafted frame, you will have a new appreciation for comfort and fashion when it comes to your eye wear. Each frame is hand selected by the ForSight team with your SIGHT in mind. We will make sure you choose your eye wear wisely since they have to last, and they provide you with the most precious sense, your SIGHT. Let us help design your eye glasses.

In addition to supporting small business, most all of the independent frame line companies we support give back in their own unique way. Each line has a unique story and a unique contribution to our community and beyond.

We are excited to carry all of the brands below:

It is our mission to provide only the best, for the best. While online shopping is loved by all of us at ForSight, we do not support purchasing eye glasses online. We employ people of the community and we want to continue to do so. With that said, online retailers keep prices down by eliminating many costs of doing business, mainly they do not need trained and licensed employees. In the case of eye glasses, online vendors are relying on eye doctors to pay their employees to do the work for the online retailer, who pay nothing for the skilled labor of our licensed opticians. With that said, we do not provide the essential measurements necessary to buy glasses online and we do not evaluate glasses purchased outside of our office. There is nothing more uplifting than supporting local, let us earn your business.


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