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Degenerative Myopia

We strongly believe in the prevention of nearsightedness (myopia) and we offer different services to slow the progression of the condition. Dr. Morrow fits specialty contact lenses that are designed to halt the progression of the condition in children and young adults using a contact lens called Paragon CRT®, among other treatment options for myopia control.

Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness (you can see up close better than you can far away). This condition is increasing in all populations across the globe and is of concern because high amounts of nearsightedness are associated with glaucoma and retinal disorders such as retinal breaks or detachment. There is a well-established theory that excessive near work is a cause of the increased epidemic of myopia. So, at ForSight, we are trying to control myopia and limit the increase as much as possible.

How We Can Help

Using Spectacles, Soft Contact Lenses, Pharmaceuticals,or Ortho-keratology (Paragon CRT)

We evaluate each myope (person with nearsightedness) and collect data to determine which method of control is best. We offer myopia control using spectacles and soft contact lenses that have special properties built into the lens technology to limit the eyes’ demand and therefore focus, which has shown to slow the increase in nearsightedness.


Using pharmaceuticals to limit the eyes’ focusing ability up close has shown great results in slowing the progression of myopia. So, utlitizing eye drops that relax the eyes’ focusing ability up close is used as an option to control myopia.


The other method used is called ortho-keratology, which utilizes rigid gas permeable contacts that are similar in concept to braces where they hold the glasses prescription where it is when you start the therapy so it does not increase with time.


To learn more about myopia (nearsightedness) and your child’s risk factors click here. Visit for another great resource to learn more about the condition. Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Morrow at ForSight Unique Eye Care and Eye Wear.

How the Ortho-K Lens Works

Ortho-K Lens

Shape of cornea before the ortho-k lens

Ortho-K Lens

With the fitted lens on before sleeping

Ortho-K Lens

With the fitted lens on after sleeping

Ortho-K Lens

With the lens off throughout the day

Choosing the Best Treatment

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