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Eye Exams

Erika Morrow, M.S., O.D. owner and optometrist at ForSight Eye Care, provides comprehensive eye exams using the latest technology and latest treatment options. We offer full-service optical with a wide variety of independent eye wear catering to all styles. Dr. Erika Morrow is well versed in the treatment and management of all eye conditions.

Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Dry Eye Evaluations and Treatment

Dr. Morrow brings knowledge and passion about Dry Eye Syndrome and she is adamant about treatment plans that offer relief from dry eye symptoms including redness, irritation, itching, and watering. With the proper treatment plan you will see relief.

Myopia Control

We strongly believe in the prevention of nearsightedness (myopia) and we offer different services to slow the progression of the condition. Dr. Morrow fits specialty contact lenses that are designed to halt the progression of the condition in children and young adults using a contact lens called Paragon CRT®, among other treatment options for myopia control.

Optomap® Digital Retinal Optos Imaging

The most important part of your sight is your eye health which is why Dr. Morrow requires a thorough eye exam using high tech imaging or dilation at every comprehensive exam. Our Optomap® technology allows us to detect, monitor, and treat ocular pathology all while educating you using images of the inside of your eyes. You’ll have to see it for yourself. It is our promise to you that we will keep you seeing your very best.

Pediatric Eye Exam

We at ForSight are advocates for pediatric eye care and spreading awareness on the importance of early eye care for infants and children. Dr. Morrow is a provider for InfantSEE, which is a program that provides one wellness eye exam for all 6-12 month old infants. This exam is important to ensure their eyes are healthy and are not at risk for amblyopia (“lazy eye”).


Dr. Morrow recommends the first exam before 12 months, again at age 3, and before entering 3rd grade. Come grow with us!

Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetes affects the smallest blood vessels of your body first and some of the smallest blood vessels are in your eyes, fingers, toes, and kidneys. Increased sugar in the blood stream causes the blood vessel walls to become weak and leaky. If blood leaks from the vessel it causes damage that leads to nerve damage, tissue damage, and can cause irreversible vision loss.


Diabetes is the #1 cause of vision loss in the working age population in America, which is a scary statistic. Work hard to keep your blood sugars low and stable and ALWAYS have an annual eye exam to look at the blood vessels.

Eye Allergy Evaluation

Living in the Southeastern region of the US has its perks with all of the beautiful trees, native plants, and grasses, but that also means that eye allergies can be an issue. If your eyes are red, itchy, or watering, you may be suffering from eye allergies. At ForSight, we evaluate and treat chronic eye allergies everyday.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an age-related condition that affects vision, making it difficult to see fine detail, & it affects how your vision responds to different lighting conditions. The condition has different stages and can be progressive. The risk factors for macular degeneration are age, genetics, race, and smoking.


At ForSight, we emphasize the importance of UVA, B, & C protection, a healthy diet, customized supplements, exercise, & not smoking. If you are over the age of 55, you should have an eye exam for macular changes annually. Dr. Morrow recommends foods high in antioxidants including kale, broccoli, greens, collards, egg whites, carrots, & beautiful berries.


Cataract development is a natural process of aging. The lens in each eye becomes cloudy and thicker. As cataracts form, your vision will be affected with symptoms that include glare & halos around lights at night, decreased vision overall, and inability to see well in low lighting conditions (ie: reading menus at a restaurant). Typically, cataracts are like wrinkles; they develop on both eyes and occur with birthdays. Come in and learn more about the lenses in your eyes.

Eye Problems or Emergencies

Emergencies eye exams are our specialty. We are here to help you during and after business hours. If you are experiencing redness, watering, discomfort, pain, light sensitivity, or foreign body sensations in your eye(s), please call us! We want to keep you comfortable and seeing!

Corneal Evaluation and Topography

Your cornea is the very front surface of the eyeball but a healthy cornea that is crystal clear is essential to have perfect vision. Corneal diseases such as keratoconus can result in vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts. Keratoconus can be managed with specialty services that are offered at ForSight.


Other corneal conditions such as corneal scarring from old injuries, complications following refractive surgery such as Radial Keratotomy (RK), or LASIK can cause vision loss because the front surface of the eye is altered. If you have struggled with your vision with contacts or glasses, come in for an evaluation that will include corneal topography, so we can make sure you’re seeing your best!

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is common because we all spend many hours a day on our computers, tablets, and devices. If you are experiencing redness, burning, eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches, come in for an evaluation. At ForSight, we offer lens designs that have special properties to relax the eyes and special properties to limit harmful light exposure. We like to remind our patients to take a break every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, with lots of blinking.


Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in the eyeball, which causes damage to the cells that connect the eye to the brain, resulting in vision loss. Glaucoma is often called the silent thief of vision because patients cannot feel that the pressure is high in their eyes and the vision loss begins as side vision loss. Glaucoma is an age related condition often times but genetics and race play a large role as well. At ForSight, we screen your eyes for glaucoma every time you have an exam by our doctor.

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